June Foodie List

One of my favorite bloggers Marissa with Uproot Kitchen emailed her latest updates. I so look forward to her monthly emails as it gives this foodie some briliant ideas for this months recipes.

Marisa also inclues a beautiful PDF with the current monthly seasonal fruits and veggies. This PDF is so pretty in my kitchen either on your fridge or in a snap frame in your kitchen…its a work of art! Most importanly it suuplies you with the freshest fruits and veggies you should be buying in season.

You can shop at you local grocery store but I found a great resource for finding farmers markets, farm stands and local farmers. Difficult to do when your living in the city or urban America. Local Harvest has a zip code finder with a interactive map to help you find your local in season produce.

So make sure to pop over to Marisa’s website, say hi and subscribe to her monthly email.

Thanks for letting me share!

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