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It’s Time for an Alignment!

I have heard so may people make statements such as:

Why did I ever by a 2020 planner?
I had to throw my goals for this year out the window.
Can I start this year over?

I understand where people are coming from with these statements, truly I do. But can we take a step back and let’s take a look at this from a different perspective.

If you go to a car dealership and purchase a new car, wow you stay on top of making sure she stays pretty. Every week you drive thru the touchless car wash, vacuum her, park further away from the store entrance so nobody dings her – Right?

So one fine spring day (if you live in Colorado,) you’re driving along the road and BAMB!!!! You hit a pothole. You just about want to cry right? Now her front end is out of alignment. So I guess it’s time to drive to the junkyard and throw her away.

What? It only makes sense she will never be the same, after all her steering wheel is kiltered and she drives a little crooked down the road.

So if you don’t take her to the junk yard what do you do? Take her to the shop and get an alignment.

Why don’t you do that with your goals and dreams? You don’t just throw them away, you re-align them with your current curcumstance.

This was a hard lesson for me after my stroke. I couldn’t coach any more, I can’t work full time, i’m on disability so… just give up. Until it occured to me ….I still have gifts to give. Why should I give up my dream of helping others achieve their goals and dreams. So I had to take some time to re-align my dreams. Are the same – NO. Do they suck – NO. Are some days harder the others – ABSOLUTELY!

So don’t give up your goals and dreams just because something in life throws you a pothole. Sit down and take time to realign them.

I think you will discover maybe this time it will go better than you think.

If you’re having troubles finding a way to re-align your goals and dreams please reach out to me for a FREE consult. My goals and dreams are to help you…It’s my purpose in life after all, my life living in organized chaos

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