About Me

Sabina Whittall-Thoreau

I’m a Colorado Native (a rare breed), wife, mom, grandma, daughter, niece, aunt and granddaughter.

It has taken me years to become the strong independent woman I am today! I’m a breast cancer survivor, stroke survivor, spouse abuse survivor and unfortunately have become perminately disabled.

Fun facts about me!

We enjoy many hobbies and I change them often depending on my mood. An obsession with planners, notebooks and pens…drives my hubby crazy sometimes. I enjoy baking, cooking, gardening, canning, crafting but I don’t enjoy the clean up it all requires.

Socializing with good friends is something I crave. But I get anxious meeting new people as it takes so much energy and “small” talk.

What are some things I’d like to do?

I want to write a book, travel, raise chickens and goats – little by little I know I will achieve these wants! Most of this will happen as we prep to buy our property in Texas. So in the mean time you get fun stories of us living in a 228 sq ft tiny home on a shared property. Two adults, two small dogs and a cat with the occasional day visit from our grandchildren and grand-dogs.

Come learn with me!

Due to health issues I have become a vegetarian, but my husband has been by choice when he was just 15 years old. This has forced me to learn some new ways of cooking and some fun recipes. You can come along this fun challenge with me as I try out some new recipes and even venture into the world of full vegan.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this blog gives you giggles and idea’s to help you enjoy your life living in organized chaos.