Sabina Whittall-Thoreau

I’m a Colorado Native (a rare breed), wife, mom, grandma, daughter, niece, aunt and grandaughter.

It has taken me years to become the strong indepenent woman I am today! I’m a breast cancer survivor, stroke survivor, spouse abuse survivor and unfortunaty have become perminately disabled.

I have many hobbies and change them often depending on my mood. I love planners, notebooks and pens…drives my hubby crazy sometimes. I enjoy baking, cooking, gardening, canning, crafting but I don’t enjoy the clean up it all requires. I enjoy socializing and good friends but I get anxious meeting new people as it takes so much energy and “small” talk.

I want to write a book, travel, raise chickens and goats – little by little I know I will achieve these wants!

Thanks for stopping by – I hope this blog gives you giggles and idea’s to help you enjoy your life living in organized chaos.

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