Why We Are Moving!

As some of you have seen on our social media accounts we are moving from our beautiful tiny home in Colorado to a rental in San Antonio. We have throughly enjoyed living tiny and have learned so much! But we are moving for so many reasons. Sabina’s health is the main reason why we are… Continue reading Why We Are Moving!

Time Blocking

I was going to write a blog and video on the how to on time blocking.  But as every blogger knows you do you research ahead of time. And guess what there is plenty of content that already exists with lots references. References to Our Favorite Time Blocker Well behold, I don’t need to do… Continue reading Time Blocking

Perfect Storm

I took the week off of social media to do two things…redesign my website and prep for our “kick’in your bootie-camp”. Then the storm’s came – yes that is plural. First I want to address BIPOC (Black Indigunios People of Color.) I have a Grandson who is “half black”, my husband is Indigunios and a… Continue reading Perfect Storm


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