Stop Being Stinky!

No really…today its all about the deo for the bo….body odor. Hubby and I are working our hardest to have a zero waste lifestyle. Our goal for 2020 is to remove single waste plastics from our home. The first step was finding the right deodorant. Yep we wanted to make our own and after many… Continue reading Stop Being Stinky!

Who is in Your Village

Grab some coffee, tea or your favorite beverage, click on the above video and join me in this fun journey of who we “choose” to have in our village (tribe.)

Time Blocking

I was going to write a blog and video on the how to on time blocking.  But as every blogger knows you do you research ahead of time to see what content already exists and also have references. Well behold, I don’t need to do a video about time blocking and the benefits as my… Continue reading Time Blocking


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