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So welcome to My Life Living in Organized Chaos.

Our Recent Blogs

Why We Are Moving!

As some of you have seen on our social media accounts we are moving from our beautiful tiny home in Colorado to a rental in San Antonio. We have throughly enjoyed living tiny and have learned so much! But we are moving for so many reasons. Sabina’s health is the main reason why we are… Continue reading Why We Are Moving!

Organizing a Small Closet

If you have been following me for a bit you know we live in a 228 square foot tiny home. This means I need to keep my tiny home decluttered and continually organizing – especially my small closet. I love to declutter – if you missed our link sharing some of our favorite organizers click… Continue reading Organizing a Small Closet

Decluttering a Minimalist Home

Living in a Tiny Home Without Clutter? We live in a 228 sqft home with 2 small dogs and a cat. With an occasional grandchild and/or grand-dog visiting for the day. We try to live a minimal lifestyle and frequently find ourselves decluttering our minimalist home. And it’s not a tiny home on wheels, as… Continue reading Decluttering a Minimalist Home

Holiday’s Have Been Canceled

People are saying the holiday’s have been canceled? Oh no they have not! They have just changed, and i’m so thankful. Craft Fairs are a Holiday Tradition In the past my family, the first Saturday in October, we would attend all the local craft fairs. With 2020 changed so much due to COVID-19 many of… Continue reading Holiday’s Have Been Canceled

Time Blocking

I was going to write a blog and video on the how to on time blocking.  But as every blogger knows you do you research ahead of time. And guess what there is plenty of content that already exists with lots references. References to Our Favorite Time Blocker Well behold, I don’t need to do… Continue reading Time Blocking

It’s Time for an Alignment!

What is “time for an alignment? Well I have heard so may people make statements such as: Why did I ever by a 2020 planner?I had to throw my goals for this year out the window.Can I start this year over? We Get It! I understand where people are coming from with these statements, truly… Continue reading It’s Time for an Alignment!

Perfect Storm

I took the week off of social media to do two things…redesign my website and prep for our “kick’in your bootie-camp”. Then the storm’s came – yes that is plural. First I want to address BIPOC (Black Indigunios People of Color.) I have a Grandson who is “half black”, my husband is Indigunios and a… Continue reading Perfect Storm

It All Started

I swear it was just a simple inquiry. I just wanted to know more about ….. This is how it all started to create this blog! I Blame Pinterest! That is typically how it starts for me with my “hobbies”. A simple start – you know I think I will put the blame on Pinterest.… Continue reading It All Started

Routines and Why You Need Them

Routines have become a negative word. People feel they are being put into a box without having freedom to do what they want when they want. So let’s talk about routines and why you need them. People also have “tried” routines in the past and it never seemed to help. Definition of routine; “a sequence… Continue reading Routines and Why You Need Them

Getting Out of Email Jail

How many emails are in your in box right now? Do you always feel like you’re trying to get out of email jail? How many emails did you hide in a “follow up folder”? I had a client who once told me they had over 5000 emails in the in box. WHY!!!!!! Email is a… Continue reading Getting Out of Email Jail