I’m so glad you decide to stop by. Below are some of our most recent blogs, but make sure to read “It All Started.” It gives you an idea as to what this blog is like!

2020 Holiday’s Have Been Canceled

Oh no the have not canceled the holidays – they are just changed. In the past my family, the first Saturday in October, we would attend all the local craft fairs. With 2020 changed so much due to COVID-19 many of the holiday things we enjoyed have changed. That is why I decided to start… Continue Reading →

Stop Being Stinky!

No really…today its all about the deo for the bo….body odor. Hubby and I are working our hardest to have a zero waste lifestyle. Our goal for 2020 is to remove single waste plastics from our home. The first step was finding the right deodorant. Yep we wanted to make our own and after many… Continue Reading →

How Often Should I Do the Laundry?

We humans, if you think about it, can be pretty gross. Did you know we shed about 500 millions skins cells each day? We sweat on average a liter per day. And because of this we create a feast for bacteria to live in our clothes and our skin (if you wear you clothes day… Continue Reading →

Who is in Your Village

Grab some coffee, tea or your favorite beverage, click on the above video and join me in this fun journey of who we “choose” to have in our village (tribe.)

Time Blocking

I was going to write a blog and video on the how to on time blocking.  But as every blogger knows you do you research ahead of time to see what content already exists and also have references. Well behold, I don’t need to do a video about time blocking and the benefits as my… Continue Reading →

It’s Time for an Alignment!

I have heard so may people make statements such as: Why did I ever by a 2020 planner?I had to throw my goals for this year out the window.Can I start this year over? I understand where people are coming from with these statements, truly I do. But can we take a step back and… Continue Reading →

Perfect Storm

I took the week off of social media to do two things…redesign my website and prep for our “kick’in your bootie-camp”. Then the storm’s came – yes that is plural. First I want to address BIPOC (Black Indigunios People of Color.) I have a Grandson who is “half black”, my husband is Indigunios and a… Continue Reading →

June Foodie List

One of my favorite bloggers Marissa with Uproot Kitchen emailed her latest updates. I so look forward to her monthly emails as it gives this foodie some briliant ideas for this months recipes. Marisa also inclues a beautiful PDF with the current monthly seasonal fruits and veggies. This PDF is so pretty in my kitchen… Continue Reading →

It All Started

I swear it was just a simple inquiry, I just wanted to know more about ….. That is typically how it starts for me with my “hobbies”. A simple start – you know I think I will put the blame on Pinterest. You get sucked into these incredibly talented people and next thing you know… Continue Reading →

June 2020

We had major announcements in our email this month – did you get it?

Join us at 10am today, May 30, 2020

Click on the link above – we will be sharing our favorite life hack and announcing our new programs. Ask your life or business chaos questions live!

Spring Quarantine Boutique

We are honored to be added to the Spring Quarantine Boutique. Are you needing some great gift ideas, things for your home, education or an escape from this craziness? Come join us click on the link above to join the 4 day party!

Take Your Kids to Work Day!

This years #takeyourchildrentoworkday2020 has a new challenge and has become the norm during #covid19 What are some tips you can share to other parents with young ones on working at home with your children?

Routines and Why You Need Them

Routines have become a negative word. People feel they are being put into a box without having freedom to do what they want when they want. People also have “tried” routines in the past and it never seemed to help. Definition of routine; “a sequence of actions followed over and over; a fixed program.”Take some… Continue Reading →

Procrastination, Distraction or Do it now!

FlyLady is one of my favorite blog writers and life coaches. Marla really gets it with people who have “perfection” issues and delay what needs to be done! I started using FlyLady back in 2001 and love her organizational style. Today’s blog/question has to do with Procrastination, Distraction, or Do-It-Now – and identifying what you… Continue Reading →

Dream Job – Working from home!

Many of you have told me through the years how “jealous” you are that I can work from home, coffee shop or anywhere I want. Some of you work for a corporation who requires you to work in a cubicle/desk at a location. Well during this “stay at home” order during COVID-19 you have an… Continue Reading →

Email Jail

How many emails are in your in box right now? How many emails did you hide in a “follow up folder”? I had a client who once told me they had over 5000 emails in the in box. WHY!!!!!! Email is a tool to assist us with communication to clients, partners, information, education and spam…. Continue Reading →

Love Your Business – Tasks

One of the biggest problems we have working in a small business is that we find ourselves so stuck in the weeds we can not see where we are going. If you have ever purchased a new to you home (or moved into a new rental) and the yard just hasn’t been as loved as… Continue Reading →

Love Your Business!

It is incredibly difficult to run your business, worry about getting jobs booked, dealing with invoices, payments, lack of payments and then you have me telling you to marketing your business. How do you do it all? You can’t! I know harsh and I also know that as soon as I tell you “you can’t”… Continue Reading →

Where Do I Start?

I need to grow my business? How do I create more revenue? I’m swamped and don’t have time to learn marketing? I don’t have money to make money! The above comments and questions are all to common in the small business world. Most people started their own business because they needed the extra income –… Continue Reading →