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It All Started

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I swear it was just a simple inquiry. I just wanted to know more about ….. This is how it all started to create this blog!

I Blame Pinterest!

That is typically how it starts for me with my “hobbies”. A simple start – you know I think I will put the blame on Pinterest. You get sucked into reading or watching these incredibly talented people. And next thing you know you’re on Amazon prime ordering what they use. They being the creative blog writers who started off as bloggers …just like this one.

iphone scrolling through Pinterest
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

I want to be an inspiration to others. I enjoy public speaking and helping people achieve their dreams. But what about my own dreams…do I even know what they are?

So Many Planners!

So I buy the planners. I can not tell you how many planners I have used over the years. Then I just to put them aside and go back to using my ical or google calendar. It’s easier and lighter on the purse that’s for sure. I even tried to do the really pretty do it yourself planner with dot notebooks. Yeah I can’t draw! So mine looks like a kindergartener. A kindergartener who got a hold of mommy’s very expensive moleskine notebook and decided to draw a “pretty picture”.

pile of journals sitting on a desk
Photo by Jubal Kenneth Bernal on Unsplash

I have great ideas

I love to plan those idea’s. Just don’t like all the clean up that comes after making the vision come to life. In the business world they call themselves directors. They direct others to do the dirty work and take all the credit for being a great delegator.

Enjoy the journey with me!

So welcome to my blog. I will share with you my journey of all my fun hobbies and lessons I learn along the way. After all this is my life living in organized chaos!

Thanks for joining My Life Living in Organized Chaos!

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