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Organizing a Small Closet

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If you have been following me for a bit you know we live in a 228 square foot tiny home. This means I need to keep my tiny home decluttered and continually organizing – especially my small closet. I love to declutter – if you missed our link sharing some of our favorite organizers click here to read that post.

wood closet with upper and lower doors

Small Closet Size

My closets are only 24″ wide but they do go from floor to ceiling. So today was the day to “purge” my closet and make sure everything I have in my closet I wear. Being in a tiny home I don’t have room to store out of season clothes. So I have learned to wear lots of layers and enjoy the clothes I own.

interior of 24" closet with various clothes hung and folded

I purge my small closet twice a year. Not that I buy that many clothes in a year. But they do wear out, get stains, small rips or are no longer a good fit. So everything comes out of the closet.

empty 24" closet interior

Hangers for a Small Closet

Now let’s talk hangers. I have been using the standard plastic hangers (the ones you can get from anywhere) for years. It was time for an upgrade. So I purchased these Better Homes non-slip hangers – in pink and rose gold from Walmart. I found a link for these on my Amazon affiliate page (see below.)

pink and rose gold nonslip ultra slim hangers from Better Homes & Gardens

I go through each clothing item individually. I’m looking for stains, rips, pilling and fit and drop the items I don’t want at my local ARC. Each item was switched to these nonslip ultra slim hangers. Nothing more frustrating when your clothes fall down due to sliding off the hanger.

comparing typical white plastic hanger and the new nonslip pink and rose gold hanger

These hangers also saved me lots of space. Just look at the difference in thickness.

showing the thickness of the plastic hanger vs nonslip hangers

Organizing a Small Closet

It’s not just about putting everything back where it was, but seeing if there is a better way for everything to fit. Even though I didn’t buy enough hangers this time around it did save me some space.

showing organized upper closet with shirts, coats and dresses hung while folding pants and shorts on the lower shelf

You see this time around I think it’s best to lay my pants flat and folded instead of hung.

close up of pants, leggings and shorts folded on the lower shelf of the upper closet cabinet

The lower cabinet has shelving instead of a hanging bar. So folding and miscellaneous bins to store stuff is the best bet as I don’t have a dresser. These yellow bins were on clearance at Ikea back in the spring of 2020. They hold my socks, underwear and bras.

organized lower cabinet int he tiny home closet used as a dresser

Between the yellow bins I’m folding my various season’s pj’s. The lower shelf I have refolded my ponchos and sweaters, with my hats & gloves in the middle.

showing both top and lower cabinets newly organized in the tiny home 24" closet

Overall I’m pretty pleased with how it all worked out. Although now it’s time to make my bed and finish dusting and vacuuming.

panoramic view of the bed and closets in the tiny home

Isn’t my husbands photography beautiful? We also love his various collections of comic figurines tucked away in fun corners i.e. batman figuring on the shelf.

The Next Project?

I think next we are going to work on the bathroom. What do you think?

view of tiny home bedroom looking at the bathroom and tv wall

Buy For Your Home

home the award winning photography by Soren Thoreau - a black and white of a lily flower
Pintrest worthy pix of organizing a small closet

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