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Perfect Storm

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I took the week off of social media to do two things…redesign my website and prep for our “kick’in your bootie-camp”. Then the storm’s came – yes that is plural.

First I want to address BIPOC (Black Indigunios People of Color.) I have a Grandson who is “half black”, my husband is Indigunios and a daughters significant other who is black. Black Lives Matter! I’m tired of discrimination, tired of lack of equity and ready to move on.

So I will say this and get to the rest of this blog – register to vote then get your fanny out there and vote. It is the only way things can change. As well as writing your Mayor, Governer and Congressman – I’ve done this before and believe me it works!

Then we had the storms that have hit my town – lots of wind and rain. For those of you who know me, drastic change in weather is not my friend. So i’m back up on my feet and ready to finish the prep for our new program.

So you have a few tasks i’m adding to you today:

  1. Register to VOTE and actually vote
  2. If you’re wanting change – be the change (we will focus more on that in future blog posts)
  3. Write your local and/or national representatives if you want things to change. Do not tell them there is a problem without a solution. Remember they are representatives of you.

Be safe out there and thank you for being apart of my life living in organized chaos!

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