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Time Blocking

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I was going to write a blog and video on the how to on time blocking.  But as every blogger knows you do you research ahead of time. And guess what there is plenty of content that already exists with lots references.

References to Our Favorite Time Blocker

Well behold, I don’t need to do a video about time blocking and the benefits. As my fellow coach Amy Landino who has some of the same work/life balance philosophies and I do.  This video is her showing you how to time block using Google Calendar (it works pretty much the same in Apple or Outlook.)

Apple vs. Everything Else

Now I promise I will do a video featuring my way of time blocking using apple. Because I know many of you are Apple everything with my google emails/calendar/tasks in one space:

apple calendar showing  various accounts

It makes it so easy for me to manage all my calendars in one space.  Now I know Google Calendar can do this same thing with forwarding. But I have not used google mail as my main work space in over 2 decades as I’ve been an Apple or Outlook user.

Weekly Prep Time

Here is what you need to know. No matter if you’re Paper Planner, Outlook, Google or Apple user for your time blocking.  Create time each week to start this process (I do mine every Sunday):

  1. Write down what you need to get done for the day, week or month
  2. Allocate how much time each item will take
    If the task will take you longer than 60 minutes can you break it up into bit sized chunks?
    i.e. Create YouTube video. This can take hours to complete so break it up into chunks – write scripting, film, edit, post & blog
  3. Prioritize the tasks
  4. Determine your most productive time of the day for the highest priority and type of task
    • For instance if you are creative in the morning you will want to write or design during that time
    • Being zombie in the morning doing automatic things, you need to schedule those tasks during those times
      • Define automatic things i.e. chores, email sorting
  5. Create “book ends” in you calendar
    • Morning routines
    • How do you disconnect from work
    • Make time for family, friends & hobbies
  6. “Block” into calendar
    • open new appointment or write into paper planner the “task” for the appointment slot
    • drag how long you allocated (or manually change the time) for the task
    • if you are color coding make sure to use the correct color for the task (home, work, appointment, errand)
    • reminder to add prep or drive time to the allocated time

Challenges to Time Blocking

Some caveat to this system:

  • If you are interrupted and the “task” time blocked didn’t get completed. Make sure to schedule the “task” another time to complete it.
  • Bookends are sometimes more important than the tasks themselves. If you don’t make time for family/friends your life will suffer for it
  • Make time and shift between shallow and deep task.  
  • For instance , doing customer focused things all day can wear you out. Such as being on the phone for 8 hours all day on Monday. Switch the tasks around so you give yourself “mini” breaks
  • Schedule time for returning phone messages, emails. This will ensure they don’t take over you life (similar to the “Big Rocks” by Franklin Covey)

Some Tips

  • Add you daily, weekly & monthly to do lists in there too – 15 min increments work well with online calendars
  • Place buffers between tasks 
  • Schedule breaks – 15 min get up from the computer break or lunches
  • When starting, overestimate how long everything will take. You will thank me for this. As it will help you feel less rushed. Little things like phone calls and texts will interrupt your time slot until you build the boundaries)
  • Set an overflow day. This is that day where you have not filled in tasks to help you complete deadlines and such
  • Update or change as needed

Be forgiving with yourself if you fall behind. After all this is a new habit and it can take a while for you to “nail” this. There are days I still have to be forgiving

The biggest thing – If you choose this method STICK TO IT.  Don’t fill it in and not honor what you promised yourself you we’re going to do during that hour.  You kiddo being sick (or yourself) can mess with your entire day…that is what the overflow day is for.

Let Me Know If Your Struggling

If you find yourself having a hard time with this process – contact me!  I love doing time blocking. Because I have decades of experience using this method both in corporate America and as an entrepreneur.

Thank you for join me in my life living in organized chaos. Make sure to book your FREE 30 minute consult today!

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