What is Your Organizational Style?

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Before we get started I really need to know what your organizational style is. I guess we could start off by asking did you know there are different types of organizational styles?

Introduction to Cas

Cas is an organizational expert and has a show on HGTV but she has a site called Clutterbug. This is where she is able to break it down into four different categories. What better way to find out what works for you then to take her fun quiz HERE then we can get started on your organizational journey.

my organizational style is a bee!

So i’m a Bee – I love to see my stuff but it also must be categorized. I will pile things unless they have a proper home as I tend to be a perfectionist.

Tell me below in the comments what your personal organizational style is according to Clutterbug.

People You Live with have their Own Organizational Style too!

You ever just get so frustrated at the kids room? Or does your spouse leave things all over flat surfaces and it drives your crazy? Does your roommate nag you about putting your stuff away and how you’re a slob?

did you know people you live with may have different organizational styles too?

So surprise you may need to find a mutual common ground instead of trying to get everyone to do it YOUR WAY!

My New Partnership

So to go along with my Organizational Expert License I decided to partner with Thirty-One® to help my clients and followers. This doesn’t mean I want everyone to just go out and buy everything now. Although that could be a nice benefit for me…lol! Nope you still need to declutter as you go, find your organizational style and work with me on your spaces to you don’t fall into old habits.

I've partnered with Thirty-One to help  you with your organziational style

So be on the look out for some fun tips on keeping your home, car, office and style in tip top shape – of course with your personal Clutterbug way! Now go take the quiz!

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