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Why We Are Moving!

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We are moving to San Antonio!  the photo is of the San Antonio river walk

As some of you have seen on our social media accounts we are moving from our beautiful tiny home in Colorado to a rental in San Antonio.

We have throughly enjoyed living tiny and have learned so much! But we are moving for so many reasons.

Sabina’s health is the main reason why we are moving!

You may not know it, but Sabina is living with a permanent disability that keeps her from being able to work outside the home. 2016 Sabina had a stroke that left her with a quirk in her brain called Hemiplegic Migraine. These currently happen bi-weekly and are nasty to deal with. On top of having a plethora of daily meds she must take to manage a daily intractable migraine, she has episodes that start with non-epileptic seizures and then being paralysed for hours in bed.

The crazy thing is in 2020 we had the opportunity to go to sea level multiple times. Once was on an amazing Caribbean cruise (right before the US shut down due to COVID.) The second was a fun 10 day trip to San Antonio. These trips were not only to get away for a little while but were an experiment to see how Sabina does at sea level. She did suffer from a daily “headache” and had a migraine here and there but didn’t have any Hemiplegic Migraine’s. This was such a blessing and a relief.

Not to say that moving will cure her of these neurological disorders. But it will lesson the frequequency so that Sabina’s quality of life will improve…Lord willing.

We are moving to gain more space!

Living in our tiny home has been an amazing experience. We have learned so much living more simplistic being in our tiny home. We miss a bigger kitchen and having a craft space in our home. Currently the craft space is in the parents basement. And it’s not ideal for when Sabina is feeling like doing a craft. Soren really needs a larger workshop. Currently the shared workshop is in a 10×10 shed, he really needs a garage.

We are moving to a warmer climate!

Soren’s health also benefits from the lower altitude but we also find he is not a fan of freezing weather. Soren also has some fun health challenges (he talks about them on his own blog page.) He also misses water! Where we are moving it only takes about 2 hours to get to the beach (easy day trip.) There are lakes surrounding San Antonio as well.

Why an Apartment?

We are moving into an apartment for multiple reasons. One Sabina needs to improve her credit. She has some medical bills to finish paying off and then financially we feel more comfortable buying a home.

We want to purchase land. Ideally around 5 acres but we want to know where to buy. Seeing as neither one of use have lived in the San Antonio area before, we want to get to know the area before buying our forever land.

We don’t have any furniture to move with us…including TV’s. Our goal is to purchase everything via cash not on credit. So we will be buying little by little based off what we save for.

In a couple of years we are hoping to build a little 2 bed 2 bath cottage with some outbuildings. Such as craft shed, man cave, workshop, greenhouse, garden shed and a garage. Again saving up as we go and we are looking at using shipping containers for much of the outbuildings (re-purposing) instead of building new.

Join us on our journey!

We are excited and nervous and hope you will join us on our fun journey. We will be learning lots of new things and hope to publish it all here so you all can learn and laugh along side us.

Thanks for joining me living my life in organized chaos!

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